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               Living in China is very different from living in the Netherlands, not only because of the size of the country but also because of the culture, which makes living in China so exciting. Walking the Great Wall and visiting ancient cultural heritages like the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven is wonderful.

              Work and stay in China

              I had a great time working at the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science ( AMSS ) , Chinese Academy of Sciences ( CAS ) .Undoubtedly , one of the good decisions I have made in my life was to study abroad at one of the best institutes in China . I feel life is very convenient here , with online shopping , a good transport system and pleasant weather .The experience would never have been this nice without the help of the friendly research group fellows , especially Beibei and Yue , who are not just group fellows but helpful friends , caring sisters .

              My research abroad experience in China

              I came here in April 2013 as postdoctoral researcher and started my research about microbilogically influenced corrosion of metal alloys in a marine environment , surface division .Although doing research and getting outstanding results are the big challenges for all scientists in the world , I always feel it so praiseworthy to be here due to the institute ’ s many high tech facilities for analysis and study in my area .He always approves my requests to attend conferences that are essential to the success of the project and to my development as a scientist .

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